Gas Properties using Equation of State - Calculates Compressiblity Factor, Molar Volume, Fugacity, Enthalpy change, Entropy change, density of a gas mixture for different equation of state (EOS). It also calculates Pseudo Critical Pressure, Temperature, Average Molecular Weight, Accentric Factor, Cp/Cv ratio for a gas mixture.

Properties using EOS

Pressure Bar A
Temperature ° K
Equation of State
Critical Pressure (Pc) Bar A
Critical Temperature (Tc) ° K
Accentric Factor (ω)
Molecular Weight

Compressibility (Z)0.1676

Molar Volume (V)0.1315m³/kmol

Fugacity (Φ)0.5438

Enthalpy (ΔH)-8010.88J/mol

Entropy (ΔS)-23.2277J/mol.°K

Density (ρ)314.0289Kg/m³


x1 : 0.20
x2 : 0.20
x3 : 0.20
x4 : 0.20
x5 : 0.20

Pseudo Pressure (Ppc)42.3049Bar A

Pseudo Temperature (Tpc)339.7211° K

Accentric Factor (Avg.)0.1301

Molecular Weight41.2902

Specific Heat, Cp1.7745KJ/Kg.°K

Cp/Cv (γ)@ 283.1 ° K1.1280