Engineered Equipment:

Oil & Gas Offshore and Onshore

CSI Oil & Gas Pte Ltd supplies complete flow metering systemsolutions.....
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Marine Industries

CSI Oil and Gas offers One Stop Station for any exotic piping material for marine industry..
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CSI Oil & Gas Pte Ltd provides engineering services and distribution....
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Power Generation

CSI offers valves service worldwide in all different types of plants......
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Welcome to CSI Oil & Gas Pte Ltd

CSI Oil & Gas Pte Ltd, an international hub serving the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power Generation and Marine Industries within South East Region.We have a wealth of experiences in the supplying of standard or design and manufacture engineered equipment, and are specialists in the management of multi-disciplined projects from conceptual design to project completion.


CSI is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and responsiveness in the engineering and services we provide for our customers.We communicate our Quality Policy with our customers, employees, vendors and partners and solicit their inputs to enable us to meet our customer expectations.