Custody Metering Skid

Together with our business partner and principal of Krohne Oil & Gas supplies complete flow metering system solutions for custody transfer oil and gas projects throughout the world. The innovative and proven metering systems are based on advanced technologies. Our engineered metering solutions are based on the latest technologies in line with the application and operational requirements and in accordance with international standards.

From upstream to downstream

We deliver flow metering systems for offshore and onshore locations, from platforms and FPSO's, to (off-) loading facilities and terminals, for pipeline operations, and refineries. Metering systems have been designed for crude oil and hydrocarbon products such as condensate, LPG, lubricants, fuel oil, kerosene, naphtha and for natural gas applications.

Liquid and gas metering systems

As part of the package, we can provide turnkey flow metering systems including:

  1. Fully integrated metering skids
  2. Flow meters (Ultrasonic, Coriolis mass, etc)
  3. Valves and piping
  4. Instrumentation (Temperature, pressure, etc.)
  5. Metering houses with
  6. Sampling systems
  7. Analyzer systems
  8. Density, viscosity
  9. Gas composition
  10. Supervisory and flow computer systems including flow computers, control panels and customer interfaces
  11. Validation systems
  12. Meter Prover Systems (for liquid applications)