Fire Blast & Fire Wall

CSI together with our associate partner in Korea offer a comprehensive fire fighting protection equipment like Deluge Valve, Fire Extinguishing Systems, FM200 System, Hoses, Nozzles, and Monitor etc. Most of our products distributed are in accordance to international fire safety standards and comes with the necessary approvals tested to UL, FM LPCB, BS and EN3.

CSI Oil & Gas provides protection of both personnel and equipment from the effects of explosions, fire and impact, in hazardous environments such as offshore oil and gas platforms.
We have wide variety of blast resistant and/or fire rated walls and cladding, engineered to suit the application.


Verification of the systems compliance with the design requirements is carried out by successful generic testing involving the following independent test laboratories.

  • Fire resistance
  • Blast resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Jet fire testing

The pre-fabricated Wind Wall, Blast & Fire Wall system covering all designs what are optimized for specified loading, manufacture & management with extensive experience in offshore field as producing many kind of innovative structure and system.

Typical wind wall will be the corrugated form panel section having top and bottom angles welded to the corrugated panel. Each panel has 2 lifting lugs at top section and 2 fixing cleats at back of bottom angle for ease of installation .

Material will be stainless steel or painted carbon steel upon request. Thermal insulation and technical lining will be applied if required. The system also can be incorporated all Doors, Windows and services penetrations upon specification requirement.

The construction specific of Heat Shield is selected to produce the required thermal characteristics whilst enabling sufficient light. The profiled geometry enhances the inherent load carrying capacity compared with a flat panel and provides sufficient strength to resist wind load over moderate spans without additional stiffening.