Fuel Gas Conditioning Package

CSI offers complete Fuel Gas conditioning package that includes a combination of all or some of the following equipment:

  • Fuel gas scrubber & pre filter/after filters
  • Fuel gas electric super heater
  • Fuel gas pre cooler

Our services provide complete design, integration of the equipment including valves instrumentation and control systems and interconnecting piping. Where applicable simulation function test can be performed prior to shipment.

Our scrubbers Offered guarantee efficiency of 100% removal of liquid droplets 8-10Μμ or larger. Our filters offer guarantee efficiency of 99.98% removal of liquid or solids 3Μμ or larger. The vessels for equipment are designed as per ASME code/European code based on client requirements.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Application:

Fuel gas conditioning systems protect gas fuelled engines and turbines from over pressure liquids, solids and aerosols. The treated gas can also be used as seal gas, blanketing gas or utility gas. The fuel gas is superheated above the hydrocarbon to prevent liquid condensation in the turbines combustion chambers.