Air Dryer Packages

CSI provides customers with a wide range of superior products in compressed air treatment. These dryers can be customised to most offshore stringent specification that include:

  1. Explosion proof according to IEC or NEMA standard (Zone1/2 or Class 1 DIV 1 or 2).
  2. Carbon steel or SS316 material in accordance to ASME Vlll DIV 1 or PED design.
  3. Skid mounted with interconnecting pipe work according to customer’s P&ID.
  4. Panel in SS316 or copper free aluminium material in ATEX/IECEX or NEMA standard.

Our Team of experienced and dedicated engineers has established a proven track record in supplying:

Desiccant Dryers:

Heatless Regenerative Desiccant dryers are common in offshore operations and it is one of the reliable ways of achieving pressure dew point at -40°C by continuously drying compressed air through two identical towers, each containing the desiccant bed. While one tower is drying the other is being regenerated. The drying and regenerating process that is continuously in contact with the wet compressed air will supply dry compressed air at the downstream of the dryers.

Membrane Dryers:

Membrane dryers are originated from the nitrogen generation industry where they have been successfully used for decades. A tube is filled with the hollow membranes that allow compressed air to pass but remove water vapour.  The benefit of these dryers give -40° dew point and have no moving parts and require no maintenance and therefore have very long life span.

Heated Dryers:

Heated purge regenerative dryers are common in FPSO with Marine class certification. It applies the same working principle as heatless dryers with additional heater and blower installed. The blower draws in ambient air which is heated. The heated air flows through the desiccant bed where moisture is absorbed by the desiccant and desorbed water is carried out of the dryer.

Refrigerant Dryers:

Refrigerated air dryers provide a dew point of 3-5°C which is suitable for most indoor processed. These dryers are available from to 5000SCFM and in premium efficient cycling or standard efficiency non cycling configuration.


  1. Marine Industry
  2. Petroleum & Chemical Industry
  3. Metallurgy
  4. Paint and Varnish industry
  5. Pharmaceutical industry etc…

Other Option:

  • PLC with or without HMI
  • Safe or hazardous area
  • Third Party Inspection/ Certification
  • Other Customer Requirements